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What is Ceaseless?

Ceaseless is a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that helps you pray for others. It syncs with your Contacts and shows you three people to pray for each day. You can add notes and use it as a prayer journal. Download the app today.

Why do I want it?

You’re busy and it’s hard to remember to pray for others. Prayer lists grow so long they start to feel overwhelming to the point of guilt-ridden indifference.

Ceaseless helps you overcome these problems by giving you something to look forward to each morning: a short list of people to pray for. By helping you regularly pray for others over the long term, you can experience the joy of seeing God bless others as you have asked Him to.

How do I use it?

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. Once you have given permission for Ceaseless to access contacts, swipe through the app and see a Scripture and three people to pray for each day. For each person, take a moment to pray for them, write a note, or send them a message to encourage them. You can explore more ways to use Ceaseless in this Getting Started Guide.

What makes Ceaseless special?

First, Ceaseless is personal–it helps you pray for people. Instead of praying for countries, why not pray for the leaders of those countries? Instead of praying about issues, why not pray for people who impact those issues? Instead of praying for projects, why not pray for the people doing the project? Instead of praying about problems, why not pray for people experiencing those problems?

Second, Ceaseless is focused on praying, not on asking for prayer. It is outward focused and helps you pray even for people who would never ask you for prayer. For example, no one expects members of ISIS to ask Christians to pray for them. Yet, Jesus taught His followers to love and pray for their enemies, so Ceaseless helps people pray for enemies, loved ones and everyone in between.

Third, Ceaseless is designed to depend on God. Instead of trying to help people feel encouraged by notifying them that they are being prayed for, Ceaseless leaves it to the people praying to reach out if they feel led to. At the end of the day, the power of prayer rests on God answering prayer, not on people knowing they are prayed for. Ceaseless is designed to help set the stage through regular interactions with God and others, but only God can deliver the amazing, transformative and joyful outcomes that we ask Him for.

Is Ceaseless private/secure?

Ceaseless stores all data on your local device–it is as secure as your iPhone or iPad. You can choose to share Scripture or notes or message people. These actions are always initiated by you and everything is private by default.

How does Ceaseless decide who to ask me to pray for?

Ceaseless follows a simple process: it takes the list of friends, sorts it from the least “prayed for” to the most, and selects the 3 “least prayed for”. Favorited people show up more frequently.

There are some really interesting algorithms and machine learning applications to be had. If you’re asking this question, you may want to get involved with the project ☺. Get in touch here.

How do I share Ceaseless with others?

If you’ve found Ceaseless helpful, we would appreciate your help sharing it with others. Go to this page for easy sharing tools.

How can I support Ceaseless?

You can support Ceaseless in the following ways.

Please pray for us! Like you, we go through the ups and downs of life and sometimes question whether or not we are pursuing the Lord or our own ideas. Please pray that the Lord would encourage and strengthen us for the work he has given us to do. Please pray that we would honor him and effectively serve you with our work instead of merely seeking our own interests and advancement.

Give us feedback! We love to hear from our users about how Ceaseless is helping them fulfill their priestly ministry of prayer. We also want to know when things aren’t working well or when you have any concerns or ideas. You can reach us here.

Share it with others! We want to help followers of Jesus pray for others amidst the busyness of daily life, but we cannot do so without your help sharing it. You can share with friends here.

Give to support Ceaseless! You can do so here or support TheoTech on Patreon. We aren’t an incorporated non-profit, so there are no tax benefits, but you can have the joy of investing in our team and this project as it helps promote God’s desire that his people pray without ceasing.

Join the project! If you’re a technical person you can contribute to our codebase. Or if you’d like to contribute translation, pictures, or something else, let us know here.

Lastly, if you have creative ideas for how you can help, like writing a review or sharing Ceaseless with your small group or church or conference, or writing code or something else, please let us know here.

Who is building Ceaseless?

I wrote a brief post on my personal blog when I started Ceaseless. Since then, the team has grown and an organization I’m forming called TheoTech is behind it. Check out the list of contributors here. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or contact us.